Nexus The building consists of a ground floor showroom space, a mezzanine, three underground parking levels and seven floors of luxury office space. The organisation of the building has been developed based on a theory of flexibility without resorting to uniformity. One of the project’s innovations will be a technologically advanced shell which, in addition to the energy dimension it will bestow on the project, will cast a translucent character, which will alter the perception of the building during different phases of the day. 
Nice Day Dream Located on the periphery of the centre of Nicosia, the new office and shop building on Themistocles Dervis Avenue aspires to become a point of reference in the broader urban fabric of the capital.
Nice Flow Nice Flow is located on Armenias Avenue, close to the junction with Iphigenias Avenue in an up and coming area at the heart of Acropolis. The building’s easy access to the highways that connect it to the rest of Cyprus, along with its central location with reference to the island’s capital – are only two of the elements that make it an ideal base for commercial activities.

Skylight Mansions The incessant quest for new housing typologies that respond to the ever-changing social needs, the climatic conditions and the vital issue of energy has urged us to seek innovative living proposals. The Yeri project endeavours to explore a new housing typology, one that will eventually enrich housing options currently on hand. 
The project consists of 10 independent houses that manage to create the environment and ambience of a small neighborhood.
Prime residential area in walking distance from the Central Bank and the Headquarters of leading International companies. 
Engomi Residence Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood of Engomi, the residence makes the best of its corner location by creating two separate volumes allowing the apartments privacy of view, with the advantage of Southern orientation for their sweeping verandas.
Ithakis Residence The building pledges to add a dynamic yet elegant architectural presence to an upscale part of Strovolos. The distinctive quality of this new residential building rests on the absence of repetitive typical floors. Each of the three levels takes advantage of the through street configuration of the site to create individually distinctive residences of two and three bedrooms.
White Walls At the centre of Nicosia,facing the Zaha Hadid's master plan and the deep history of the medieval Walls  the White Walls ,is the tallest building in the capital  and indeed a striking point of reference. Along the South Facade large planting areas run the lenght of the Tower and create a vertical "green" screen  modulating the sunlight that spills into the interior. On the east-west elevations, the walls are negated by the numerous perforations, an ethereal reference to the pixels of a highly enlarged image on a computer screen. On the north elevation, the balconies slide in and out, changing their width and depth. On the top two floors, a duplex apartment is organised around a central courtyard. 
Nice Day Choice Εach apartment of the building has the feeling and amenities of a home and provides the flexibility required by modern living. Site conditions, plot shape, orientation, and views had a big impact on the organization of the plans. The main entrance and the lobbies on each floor occupy a central location on the plan. This central access allows for easy access to the two flats on each floor, and for the seamless separation of the public and private internal areas. 
Elysian gardens

The housing complex utilizes the excellent seaside location of the site while creating in its interior a new focal point for its inhabitants. The housing units are situated near the boundaries of the plot, thus creating an open space for leisure and relaxation in the centre. The aim of the focal centre is to provide all its users with a communal space offering various amenities, all of which form a pleasant space, like a neighbourhood park. 

Bleu This Protaras development is situated on a quiet bluff overlooking the Mediterranean. Bleu comprises eight individual three- and four-bedroom residences, and ten attached three bedroom residences with a private garden. The development derives its architectural expression from the indigenous architecture of the region but maintains a functional relationship between the indoor-outdoor spaces that reflects contemporary lifestyles. 
King Richard Development King Richard Development occupies a plot at the edge of the small village of Paramali. It consists of ten houses, each on its own plot of land and all oriented towards the Avdimou and Paramali coast. All houses are two-storey buildings with the living areas on the ground floor and the sleeping quarters on the upper floor. The houses were designed with flexibility of use in mind, and can be adapted to suit the needs of their owners. 
Academias The three buildings that make up the group of apartments called Academia are situated near a developed parade of offices and shops behind the Nicosia Conference Center. The buildings are dynamically interlinked through their external shapes; their architectural parts combine in hierarchical harmony. The disposition of the building is an expression of its geometric mass. Its scale is maintained through the selection of materials and the arrangement of both warm and cool colours on the building facade, which demonstrates respect for the surrounding area.
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