Tower 25 -White Walls

At the centre of Nicosia, next to Eleftheria Square, Jean Nouvel Tower 25 is the tallest building in the capital, and indeed a striking point of reference. Its verticality, in relation to the horizontality of the medieval walls and the Moat that encloses the old part of the city, sets the stage for a series of inversions which reflect the building’s distinct character.
 Along the south façade, large planting areas run the length of the tower and create a vertical “green” screen modulating the sunlight that spills into the interior of the apartments / offices. A natural brise soleil reaching the height of its vegetation during the summer months, it protects the apartments from the intense heat of the day. In the winter it sheds most of its foliage, allowing the sun to pervade the apartments. It is indeed a “living” façade, either swaying in the westerly summer evening breeze, or bending under the strong winds of the winter, sometimes in bloom and other times acquiring a copper-brown colour, continually and imperceptibly transformed through the cyclic movement of the seasons. The soft edge, reminiscent of the cypress trees and cane-fields planted along the perimeter of orchards, is part of the city’s scenery. On the east-west, instead of creating a “two-dimensional” image of nature, the surfaces incorporate technology in its most emblematic form: punctured by a random array of openings, either glazed or left open, they negate the massiveness of the walls by numerous perforations, producing an ethereal reference to the pixels of a computer screen enlarged image. In this way, the rough stones used in the construction of the medieval walls become reversed in function and become precise pixel-like voids. At night the-wall-as-a-giant-screen metaphor becomes even more literal and pronounced with the lights from the apartments / offices randomly going on and off, reverberating human movements within.
 The grid re-emerges, subverted of its function as organisational and structural tool and becomes an aesthetic device.

Τhe “graphic” surfaces of the east, west and south façades give way to a dynamic three-dimensional elevation on the north. One has the sense that the building expands and contracts, as the balconies slide in and out with alternate widths and depths. But even in the midst of this dynamism the façade seems to act more as a signifier than a conventional elevation. Here, at last, the number of building floors is revealed and the large balconies acknowledge the Mediterranean climate and the significance of spending time outside. On the top two floors, a duplex apartment is organised around a central court-yard, a typology common to Cypriot traditional architecture. The apartment is protected from the summer sun by three large shades set at different angles, reminiscent of an “exploded” hipped roof which, perhaps, from a certain vantage point will again coalesce into the whole.

Stasinou 6,1060 Nicosia

The building

This multi-storey building is composed of three basements where the parking spaces and the store-rooms are located and 16 floors with a shop at the ground floor, 6 floor offices and 9 apartment floors of which the penthouse is a duplex apartment.
The penthouse will own the roof terrace that will be designed accordingly and it is shaded green in the attached drawings of Appendix B of the Contract. The ground floor will own almost the entire ground yard for exclusive use and it is shaded green in the attached drawings of Appendix B of the Contract. 

Structural specifications

The frame of the building will be of reinforced concrete.


Some of the interior walls will be constructed of gypsum boards and some of reinforced concrete. The exterior walls will be reinforced concrete painted walls 300 mm thick and the internal 100-300 mm thickness.


Waterproofing- thermal insulation: Light weight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the roof. Light weight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the verandas. In all of the external walls thermal insulation is installed. False ceilings internally, except in the main area of the apartment.


Light weight concrete screed for ceramics and marble and concrete for carpets and parquet floors.


Three coats of emulsion on interior walls in general. Three coats of emulsion and spatula on interior ceilings. Three coats of emulsion for outdoor use on exterior walls. Emulsion for outdoor use and spatula on exterior ceilings. Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

External works

General earthworks and concreting works for the shaping of exterior spaces. Construction of public pavement at the entrance to the building. Landscaping including ponds, lights, paving on the external areas of the building.


Pressurised plumbing system for the apartments, consisting of copper pipes with a minimum diameter of 15 mm, sewage/drainage, drainage gutters on the terrace for rainwater. Water tanks with two tons capacity per flat and hot water supply system from central heating system with independent circulation pump for each apartment.

Mechanical works

Central under floor heating system for each apartment. Artificial ventilation for interior lavatories/bathrooms. Installation of 10 concealed air conditioning units (inverter fan-coils) for each apartment, with installation of the necessary piping, electricity supply and air condition units (chiller). In the en-suit heated towel rails (Ridea) are installed wherever is convenient. The centralised independent system for each floor uses water as the mean of heating/ cooling.

Electrical works
In general electrical parts of European manufacture Lutron and infrastructure for centralized automation with an i-pad. At least 35 free plug sockets to be included for each apartment and six television points. Alarm system, centralised fire detection system, structural cabling, A' quality video-phone system, electrical element in the water heater. Infrastructure for future installation for blinds, centralised music system and home cinema. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a heater switch, and there will be supply points for two ovens, an electrical hob, dishwasher and washing machine, extractor and refrigerator. The electrical appliances that are included in the apartment are: Gaggenau electrical hob with induction, Gaggenau electrical furnace and microwave, Miele washing machine and dryer, Scholtes dish washer, Liebherr refrigerator and cooler. A concealed Nuvola kitchen extractor fun is also included. Lightings fittings are included in all external verandas and in the false ceilings of the en-suits.


Installation of two 8-person panoramic elevators (monospace) with an alarm system in case of emergency. The west side elevator will be used by the apartment’s owners only in case of emergency while the east side elevator will be used by the offices tenants only in case of emergency.

Metal works

Schuco and Muskita anodised aluminium windows and doors with double glazing. Galvanized frames. Metal railing for the stairwell, verandas and the terrace. The specifications for the glazing will be set by the architects.

Wood works
Imported interior and exterior doors. The lock for the external door consists of 11 pins. Imported wardrobes, bathroom benches, kitchen units and worktops. The surfaces will be of corian.

In general

Letter boxes will be installed in the hall of the building, one for each apartment. A lighting rod will be installed on the roof as well as a full central strength television aerial and satellite dim.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

Ground floor A101 280 41 400 13 SOLD
B 201 (Mezan) 187 23 SOLD
1 C 301 302 30 9 28 6 SOLD
2 D 401 289 36 10 28 6 SOLD
3 E 501 291 36 28 4 SOLD
4 Z 601 284 33 42 28 4 SOLD
5 H 701 298 22 28 6 SOLD
6 θ 801 284 26 28 7 SOLD
7 I 901 287 44 28 4 3 SOLD
8 k 1001 290 33 28 4 3 SOLD
9 Λ 1101 288 45 28 4 3 SOLD
10 M 1201 298 38 14 4 3 AVAILABLE
11 N 1301 288 44 28 4 3 SOLD
12 1401 297 38 14 4 3 AVAILABLE
13 O 1501 297 33 14 4 3 SOLD
14 1601 300 34 28 4 3 SOLD
15 & 16 P 1701 431 30 280 4 3 SOLD
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