Savoy Residences

The plot’s particularity, morphology and the surrounding area was of key importance for every design decision. While the elongated nature of the plot allows for a linear arrangement, the height differences and the aspect of privacy from the surrounding buildings were a major factor dictating the conditions.

The first two houses were suited for a basement level where functions that would otherwise occupy important space from the higher level, are now impact less on the living conditions of the living spaces. This allowed for a maximum garden area. Furthermore the spaces are arranged in such a way which creates a unique experience moving along the building. The main spaces are fragmented and later connected with circulation or secondary services thus creating slots in the volumetric composition of the house, creating green layers deeper in the uncommon way of experiencing the spaces.
The third house is treated with the same qualities but instead arranged without the basement level. Taking into account the shape of the last part of the plot and the future possibility of having a garden extension, the last house was also implemented with a swimming pool.
Lastly the design direction chosen for the project is an important parameter shaping the project. The design language chosen for the treatment of the building is identifying the harmony found in simple white forms with particular details like perforation, greenery and vertical elements which exaggerates the well balanced proportions of the houses. 


The building – Description

The housing complex is composed of 3 independent two-storey houses of different sizes and each one owns a land percentage.

Structural specifications 

The Houses comply with the local Energy Performance regulation and have a rating certificate of class A energy performance and low CO2 emission.


The frame of the building will be of reinforced concrete.


The masonry will be constructed of bricks and three coats of render. The exterior walls will be 300 mm thick of thermal insulated bricks and 800 mm thermal insulation and the internal walls of a gypsum board system 125 mm thick.

Roofing – Waterproofing

Lightweight concrete or extruded polystyrene and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the roof. Lightweight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 3 mm on the verandas. Roofmate 5cm thick as a thermal insulation.


Light concrete screed for ceramics and marble and concrete for parquet floors.


Three coats of emulsion on interior walls in general. Three coats of emulsion and spatula on interior ceilings. Sandex paint and spatula on exterior ceilings. Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

External works

General earthworks and concreting works for the shaping of exterior spaces. Low concrete walls on the ground floor at a height of 1m. Construction of public pavement at the entrance of the building.


Water supply with pressure system consisting of pipes of a minimum 15mm diameter, hot water return pump, solar collectors with an electric immersion heater, sewage /drainage and drainage gutters on the terrace for rainwater. Water tanks of 2 tons capacity per house and hot water supply system with the use of the 2 solar collectors (1X2m) and the electric element.

Mechanical works

The houses have an Energy Performance Class (E.P.C.) of A. Mechanical ventilation for interior lavatories / bathrooms. The ground floor (kitchen/ dining area) cooling will be concealed functioning from the heat pump chiller and on the rest areas wall split units. Central underfloor electric heat pump type heating system for each house. For maintaining the E.P.C. for each house, the buyer’s needs to enforce the least energy criteria as described on Appendix B.

Electrical works

Photovoltaic system of 3KW for Renewable Energy Sources. In general electrical parts of European manufacture. At least 36 free plug sockets, 6 telephone outlets and 6 television outlets. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a fused spare unit and will include points for oven, microwave, kitchen hob, washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator and extractor fan. One videophone intercom per level.

Metal works

Aluminium windows and double glazing doors of the architect’s approval. Sliding aluminium blinds of external use for the bedroom windows. Metal railing on the verandas.

Wood works

Internal doors, wardrobes and bathroom benches with HPL laminated boards. Kitchen benches and wall units with MDF lacquered finish. Solid wood main entrance door with timber veneer finish.


House No. 3 pool will be with skimmers as it is shown on the drawings, with a liner finish and all the necessary electromechanical services.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

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House K2 317 235 24 187 4 2 AVAILABLE
K3 356 223 15 200 4 2 AVAILABLE
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