This high-end Protaras development of 18 vacation residen­ces is situated on a quiet bluff overlooking the Mediterranean. Bleu comprises eight individual three- and four-bedroom residences, ranging in area from 170 m2 to 210 m2, and ten attached three bedroom residences of 140 m2, each with a private garden. The development derives its architectural expression from the indigenous architecture of the region but maintains a functional relationship between the indoor-outdoor spaces that reflects contemporary lifestyles. Traditional materials and finishes of natural rough-cut stone, textured plaster, and natural wood are combined with the practicality and durability of aluminum and coated metals. All of the residences evoke the feeling of lofts, with end-to-end ventilation, and open onto large verandas. Each unit incorporates into its architecture a contemporary adaptation of the traditional “kiosk”, which serves as a protected open-air extension of most of the bedrooms. The development is accessed directly from the Agia Napa-Protaras main road via a private two lane road ending in a cul-de-sac.



General Specifications
The complex comprises of 18 housing, the parking places, the common garden and private streets. 
Structural specifications

The building frame will be of reinforced concrete.

The masonry will be constructed of bricks and three coats of render. The exterior walls will be 250 mm thick and the interior walls 150 mm thick. The separating walls in-between apartments will be 250 mm thick.

Roofing – Waterproofing
Lightweight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the roof. Lightweight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 3 mm on the verandas.

Light concrete screed for ceramics and marble and concrete for carpets and parquet floors.

Three coats of emulsion on interior walls in general. Three coats of emulsion and spatula on interior ceilings. Three coats of emulsion for outdoor use on exterior walls. Emulsion for outdoor use and spatula on exterior ceilings. Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

 External works
General earthworks and concreting works for the shaping of exterior spaces. Construction of private road and landscaping of the common areas. 

Pressurised water supply system composed of polypropylene piping, sewage and rainwater draining pipes. Water tanks of capacity adequate to supply each house with 1 ½ tons of water. 

Mechanical works
Artificial ventilation for interior lavatories/bathrooms. Provision for five split-unit air conditioning units for each house, with the installation of the necessary piping, electricity supply and compressor bases.

Electrical works
In general electrical parts of European manufacture. At least 17 free plug sockets to be included for each house, 4 telephone points and 3 television points. Electrical element in the water heater and two-way light switches in the bedrooms. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a heater switch, and there will be supply points for an oven, an electrical hob, dishwasher and washing machine, extractor and refrigerator.

Metal works
Anodised aluminium windows and doors with double glazing chosen by the architect. Galvanized frames for the aluminium windows. Metal railing for the stairwell, verandas and the terrace.  Aluminium Venetian blinds of external use for the bedroom windows and doors. 

Wood works
Pressed interior mdf doors and soft timber frames. Entrance to houses of pressed marine plywood. Wardrobes, bathroom surfaces, kitchen units and worktops of white melamine and doors of mdf with polyurethane varnish. Kitchen from Cuccina & Cuccina.

SWIMMING POOL (Houses of Type  B,C,D,E and optional for houses of type A)

Overflow type swimming pool (dimensions and depth depends on house type) coated by plastic (pvc) liner (with polyester fiber reinforcement) of 1.5mm thickness manufactured by Aquamasters Ltd.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

A1 180 135 13 29 62 3 2 SOLD
A2 133 134 13 25 24 3 2 SOLD
A3 147 134 13 30 30 3 2 SOLD
A4 208 134 13 51 58 3 2 SOLD
A5 222 135 13 57 68 3 2 SOLD
A6 249 147 15 99 37 3 2 SOLD
A7 174 137 13 35 46 3 2 SOLD
A8 138 135 13 27 24 3 2 SOLD
A9 133 135 13 23 20 3 2 SOLD
A10 245 139 14 37 144 3 2 SOLD
B1 463 188 10 75 273 3 SOLD
B2 427 188 10 39 277 3 AVAILABLE
B3 355 188 10 51 192 3 SOLD
B4 521 188 10 57 352 3 SOLD
C 645 223 23 140 353 4 SOLD
D 473 174 10 98 275 3 SOLD
E1 474 157 32 65 320 3 SOLD
E2 485 157 32 65 335 3 SOLD
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