King Richard Development

Found in a serene environment with great views to the sea , mountains , valleys ,  King Richard offers one the possibility of working in the city while living in the country site close to beautiful beaches, peaceful atmosphere and clean air.

Only 15 minutes away from Limassol’s city center and a mere half an hour from Paphos. Just a kilometer away from the protected beach of endangered turtles and close to Avdimou’s  organized beach with clear-blue waters, beside the exclusive Zias beach club of the Aphrodite Hills
The award-winning hotel, Aphrodite Hills is just 10 minutes away allowing King Richard inhabitants to utilise its numerous amenities including  golf course, tennis courts, a gym, a spa, horse-riding facilities etc; Venus Rock one of the largest seafront resorts in Europe with its  Secret Valley golf course is less than 10 minutes away;  The proposed Eagle Pine Golf Course is in  very close proximity ; Likewise, Pissouri, which is only 7km away from the complex, offers an equal range of services: luxury hotels like the Columbia Resort , beaches with water sports, picturesque taverns  and shops. Meanwhile, up to Aphrodite’s Rock, the area includes nature trails with a wide variety of vegetation and sceneries .
King Richard complex includes 10 houses of unique design ,  private pools, roof gardens and  landscape gardens.
Type: Vacation Houses

Architect: Takis Sofokleous & Architects

Vereggaria 10,4604 Paramali



The complex  -  Description

The complex is comprised of ten 2-storey housing units of various sizes.  Each house enjoys a plot area between 300 to 400 m2 .

Structural specifications

The building frame will be made out of reinforced concrete.

The walls
 External walls 250 mm thick plastered brickwalls.  The internal walls are 150 mm thick plastered brickwalls.  Both external and internal walls are plastered with 3 coats of plaster with the finishing coat to be the “peletico” smooth finish coat. Certain areas of the external walls are covered with stone or Iroko external panelling composed of plank boards.

Buildings Energy Characteristics 
All houses have class B' Energy Coefficient with low Co2 emissions. 

 Roofing – waterproofing
Four of the houses have a roof covered of clay tiles chosen by the architect that are  laid on the inclined wooden roofs. Lightweight concrete will be laid on the roof and on all floor slabs for thermal and sound insulation.  A 4 mm waterproofing asphalt membrane will protect the roof while a 3 mm membrane will be laid on the verandas.

On top of the lightweight concrete a layer of mortar will be laid in the areas where marble – ceramic tiles are going to be the floor finish materials, while for the areas to be covered by a parquet floor there will be a thin layer of normal concrete screed over the lightweight concrete.

Three coats of emulsion paint for the walls and the ceilings.  Before the paint application the ceilings are smoothened up with a layer of putty (spatula). Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

External works
External works involve site levelling. Low walls on the ground floor at a height of 1m. Construction of public pavement

Water supply system with the pressurise system.  The pipe – in pipe system will be used.  Sewage and rainwater draining pipes are pvc.  Water tanks of capacity adequate to supply each house with 2 tons of water.  Hot water is supplied in three ways i.e. electric water heater, solar heating system and from the central heating system.

Mechanical works
Installation of both cold and hot air conditioning split-unit for each house, with the installation of the necessary piping, electricity supply and compressor bases.  Complete central heating system with burner and heating elements for each house. 

Electrical works
In general electrical parts of  European manufacture. At least 15 free plug sockets to be included for each, four telephone points and four television points. Electrical element in the water heater and two-way light switches in the bedrooms. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a heater switch, and there will be supply points for two ovens, an electrical hob, dishwasher and washing machine, extractor and refrigerator. Installation for a satellite and an alarm system.  All kitchen appliances are provided by Scandia.

Metal works
Anodised aluminium windows and doors with double glazing.  S/steel railing for the stairwell, glass fencing for verandas and the terrace.

Wood works
Interior doors of Italian origin from the company Cucina & Cucina.. Entrances to houses of pressurised Iroko. Wardrobes, bathroom surfaces, kitchen units and worktops from the company Cucina & Cucina. The surfaces will be of granite.

Swimming pool
Skimmer swimming pool with liner as shown on the drawings.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

1 406 160 17 44 roof garden 61 3 2 RESERVED
2 317 151 44 62 roof garden 41 3 2 SOLD
3 293 184 54 13 roof garden 73 3 2 SOLD
4 331 182 30 30 roof garden 54 3 2 SOLD
5 336 205 36 34 roof garden 74 3 2 SOLD
6 378 156 61 91 roof garden 62 3 2 SOLD
7 333 152 59 30 3 2 SOLD
8 319 178 37 9 3 2 SOLD
9 303 178 37 16 3 2 SOLD
10 331 147 46 53 3 2 SOLD
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