Nice Day Tower

The building, located within the commercial centre of Nicosia, is a contemporary office tower with shops at ground level, offices on five levels and a basement parking place. It explores the spatial relationships between the different functions, as well as the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, and implements a circulation pattern that both distinguishes and unifies the various functions and services. 

Victory Tower

Victory Tower, in Nicosia, consists of an underground parking area, a showroom on the ground floor, and a mezzanine and five floors. Its two towers, like battlements, overlook two directions: one Kyriakos Matsis Avenue, the other Spyros Lambrou Street. The corner that is formed between them is closed off by a light and airy construction of metal and glass.

Victor Plaza

Victor Plaza occupies a long, narrow plot on Kyrenia Avenue, in Aglantzia. The project brief required mixed use development of various sized shops at street level and two floors of open plan offices above. The building is set back from Kyrenia Avenue, in order to create a pedestrian plaza. The double-height lobby serves as the entrance to the office block and “breaks up” the building’s horizontality. 

Metropolis Tower

Rising four storeys above Severis Avenue in Nicosia, Metropolis Tower is an office complex with a basement and ground-level shops. The building is designed as two separate towers, identical in form and function. The vertical glazed screen of the atrium, which contains two separate lobbies, unites the two towers. The towers rest on a horizontal plinth of shops, defined by a wooden fascia which wraps around the entire building. 

Matossian Tower

Matossian Tower is situated on Limassol Avenue near the approach to Nicosia. The commercial space, with its shops, is situated on the ground floor, while the six-storey towers contain office space with a total area of 6000 square metres. The bulk of the towers is visually lightened by means of their abstract design and by the combination of materials used in the façade, with glass sheets and ceramic mosaic creating a fascinating interplay between colour and shape.

Nice Day Residence Nice Day Residence is situated on Androcleous Street in the central business district of Nicosia . The seven-storey building comprises an underground parking area, a showroom occupying the ground floor and mezzanine, five floors with two apartments on each, and a penthouse duplex on the sixth and seventh floors.
Strovolos Center Strovolos Centre is a complex of office and retail spaces on the Municipality’s main commercial artery. The building has been designed for flexibility, in that the spa­ces can be partitioned whilst simultaneously providing maximum views to the west towards the Strovolos Municipal Building and the Pe­dieos River.
Ideal Life
Ideal Life is a six storey office building, The ground floor accommodates a spacious, double height, reception area and a waiting room, the main conference/library, two additional conference/meeting rooms, administrative offices and the common café with outdoor landscaped sitting areas. The terrace on the 5th floor is offering a gathering outdoor space.
Nice Day Developments
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