Environmental Policy

For NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD, a key concern, is not only for the sustainability of the company, but also the element of its corporate culture regarding the respect within the company’s workforce, people in general and the environment. All Company’s activities are carried out with respect and care for the nature and the Environmental consciousness.

In this context, the Company's management took the initiative to develop and implement an Environmental Management System that helps in the implementation of these objectives, based on the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and its respective revisions, specially designed for the needs of NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD.

Through this Policy, the management of NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed to:
a. To comply, with all applicable legislation, other regulatory provisions and other requirements that it has signed up to and concern or relate to its environmental parameters and aspects, in the field in which the company operates.
b. To take care of the prevention of environmental pollution during the performance of its activities.
c. To monitor and measure its performance, through the goals and objectives it adopts, which it reviews on an annual basis, aiming at the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.
d. To provide all the necessary resources (human, material and financial) for the effective implementation of the Environmental Management System.
e. To monitor international technological and scientific developments and to adopt anything deemed necessary and feasible for implementation.
f. To inform and communicate with all interested parties about the activities and progress of the Company.

The ultimate purpose of the above commitments is to:
a. The least possible burden on the natural environment through the optimal use of the Company's natural and energy resources and actions related to recycling.
b. The continuous information, training and sensitization of all employees on environmental management issues.

The Management of NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS invites all staff to participate, trying to understand, implement and maintain this Policy at all levels. The above Environmental Policy is properly communicated and implemented at all levels of the Company's organization, is available to all interested parties (staff, the general public, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) through the publication of the Environmental Statement and is reviewed by the Management on an annual basis. In this way, its continuous suitability with the existing business conditions and needs is ensured.
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