Quality Policy

NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed with the continuous improvement of its services and the its buildings in order to maintain the best possible level of quality that its customers demand.

The two main pillars of the Quality Policy are, firstly, the development of high quality services and products that are demanded by the customers according the fulfillment of their satisfaction and secondly the operational improvement of the company through the efficient management and development of company’s personnel.

Also NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed to fulfill all the legal and other requirements and that’s the main reason of developing and implementing an integrated management system in its operational activities and processes.

The operational efficiency and effectiveness of services of offered services and the customer satisfaction is measured through the customer questionnaires, the personal communication of company’s representatives with customers and though other managerial reviews and controls.

All the company’s personnel have been informed about the operational objectives and targets, the implemented standards, the procedures and working directions that are emanated by the current quality policy.

NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD immunizes the efficiency of the operational procedures and working guidelines through internal audits as required by the developed and implemented Quality Management System.

In addition, the implemented Quality Management System ensures that all the offered services and products are conformed with the operational procedures and work guidelines that are required by the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The developed and implemented Quality Management System by NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD fulfills all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard which supports and ensures the continuous improvement and efficiency and propulsions the achievement of targets and objectives that are decided by the company.

NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD is committed to inform all the interested parties that derived by its operational services and sector of activity.

The current Quality Policy is reviewed in order to be suitable and in accordance with the operational activities of NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD. Targets and Objectives are reviewed through management reviews on annual basis in order to achieve their continuous competence.

It’s expected that the workforce of NICE DAY DEVELOPMENTS LTD is fully informed for the current Quality Policy (including all the future possible revisions) and implements all targets and objectives that characterize the policy.
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