Prince is situated in the Ayios Andreas area, Nicosia. The building comprises six floors with one apartment on each floor. All flats share the same design with the exception of the ground floor flat which uses most of the ground area as a garden/pool space. The penthouse has direct access to the roof garden through an internal staircase. The building won the state architecture award for a residential building in 1998.

Princess Princess is located in Ayios Andreas, Nicosia, on a plot enclosed by cypress trees. The project called for six apartments, with those on the upper floor having their own private roof garden, and the ground floor apartment having its own pool. The ground plan was laid out in three blocks which followed the outline of the site, thus allowing each block a feeling of independence. 

Plateia is a complex of three residential buildings with twenty three apartments located in the Plati area, Aglantzia, at the edge of a plateau overlooking the Mesaoria Plain. The view was crucial in defining the layout of the three blocks. The buildings facing the street act as a gate to the complex, which encloses an open square used as a garden. Access to each building occurs through this square. 

Nice Day Tower

The building, located within the commercial centre of Nicosia, is a contemporary office tower with shops at ground level, offices on five levels and a basement parking place. It explores the spatial relationships between the different functions, as well as the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, and implements a circulation pattern that both distinguishes and unifies the various functions and services. 


King is located in Ayios Andreas, Nicosia. It consists of a commercial block of five shops, a residential tower of six floors with one flat per floor, and a third block of three floors containing two duplexes and a penthouse flat. The self-contained shopping block faces a commercial avenue. The residential blocks are entered through a common lobby that divides the two buildings and acts as a bridge to the penthouse over the two townhouses. 


Queen, in Αyios Andreas, Nicosia, consists of six apartments in a three-storey building: a ground floor apartment with a private garden, another four apartments, and a penthouse with its own roof garden. The vertical circulation separates the apartments, and is set back in order to enable the two wings to remain private from each other.

Victory Tower

Victory Tower, in Nicosia, consists of an underground parking area, a showroom on the ground floor, and a mezzanine and five floors. Its two towers, like battlements, overlook two directions: one Kyriakos Matsis Avenue, the other Spyros Lambrou Street. The corner that is formed between them is closed off by a light and airy construction of metal and glass.

Victor Plaza

Victor Plaza occupies a long, narrow plot on Kyrenia Avenue, in Aglantzia. The project brief required mixed use development of various sized shops at street level and two floors of open plan offices above. The building is set back from Kyrenia Avenue, in order to create a pedestrian plaza. The double-height lobby serves as the entrance to the office block and “breaks up” the building’s horizontality. 

Nice Day Homes

The development, in Engomi, Nicosia, comprises five separate residences, three of them accessible from a private road that runs through the complex. Each residence is two storeys high, while some of the homes have a basement and a swimming pool. Even though the square footage and design of each residence differs, the use of a common architectural language act as catalysts for a  complex with a unified character.

Metropolis Tower

Rising four storeys above Severis Avenue in Nicosia, Metropolis Tower is an office complex with a basement and ground-level shops. The building is designed as two separate towers, identical in form and function. The vertical glazed screen of the atrium, which contains two separate lobbies, unites the two towers. The towers rest on a horizontal plinth of shops, defined by a wooden fascia which wraps around the entire building. 

Metropolis Residence

The Metropolis Residence is situated on Spetses Street behind Severis Avenue in Nicosia. The building’s six luxury flats are divided into two strips, representing the public and private realms. The public strip contains the living room and the kitchen, which faces east and opens up completely to the veranda, rendering the inner and outer spaces as a single unified space. The private strip contains the bedrooms. 

Imperial Mansions

Imperial Mansions, in Agios Andreas, Nicosia, occupies two plots in two different town planning zones so the building is comprised of two parts one is six stories and six apartments, the other three storeys and three apartments. The perpendicular circulation and the horizontal projections of the static elements unify the complex. From the very beginning of the design process, the goal was to create an integrated whole while simultaneously emphasizing the autonomy of each unit.

Garden Hill

Garden Hill, situated in the Plati area in Aglantzia, contradicts standard apartment block scenarios. The building hides the car park, makes the most of green areas, and separates the apartments both vertically and horizontally, creating privacy. Garden Hill consists of four units. Three of the apartments occupy individual floors. The fourth apartment, on the ground floor, is a self-contained house with a private entrance and a large garden. 

Royal Residence

Royal Residence is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Engomi. The project called for a three-storey building with six apartments. The site is a long corner plot facing south, its axis parallel to Agios Dometios street; the vertical core of the building was set at its rear, to create a veranda that wraps the front of the building. This opens the living space to the street and shades the façade and the lobby.


Gardens is seven four-bedroom townhouses occupying a flat green site in Lakatamia, outside Nicosia. While the houses form a continuous elevation, each roof is rotated from the main axis and seems to float, breaking the visual rhythm and distinguishing each house from the others. Each house has two floors and a variety of outdoor spaces, and each is set back from the road to create privacy. 

Nice Day House

The six-storey Nice Day House is situated on Yiannos Kranidiotis Street, in Nicosia. The project includes two floors of underground parking and a central entrance on the ground floor. The ground floor and the mezzanine are reserved for retail, with the remainder of the building devoted to office space. Nice Day House comprises of two parallel side walls with a series of light, flat tiers undulating between the walls creating a sense of motion. 

Agios Dometios

This residential unit, a ground floor and three storeys, is situated n Agios Dometios, Nicosia. In adition to parking, the ground floor is also ocupied by a single apartment with its own separate parking space. There are two apartments on the first floor and two on the second. A penthouse apartment occupies the entire third floor. Horizontal surfaces made of visible, reinforced concrete indicate the storeys, while a perpendicular surface defines the separation between the apartments on each floor.

Athalassa Heights

Athalassa Heights, only a few minutes from Athalassa Park, has a commanding view that takes in the Pentadactylos Mountains to the north and Athalassa Park to the south. The natural curves of the plot gradually rise 15 metres above the public road, creating an area that evokes an amphitheatre. The complex, six separate two-storey residences built on large plots, unfolds between a private entrance road and a common green area. 

Matossian Tower

Matossian Tower is situated on Limassol Avenue near the approach to Nicosia. The commercial space, with its shops, is situated on the ground floor, while the six-storey towers contain office space with a total area of 6000 square metres. The bulk of the towers is visually lightened by means of their abstract design and by the combination of materials used in the façade, with glass sheets and ceramic mosaic creating a fascinating interplay between colour and shape.

Four Hill Residences

Four Hill Residences, atop a hill in Makedonitissa, Nicosia, with a view of the Pentadactylos Mountains, opens like a fan toward the view, its back turned to the street. There are four apartments in the building, two on the ground floor, one on the first floor, and one on the second. The bedrooms in each apartment form a cluster separate from the living space, which frees the living space and leaves it completely open. 


Acropolis is a four-storey apartment building in Acropolis, Nicosia. Two small apartments occupy the ground floor and share a common garden. The floor plans for the apartments delineate three functional areas in each apartment which can also be distinguished by the building’s different masses. The first functional area is the entrance and the guest bathroom, the second the living rooms and dining room, and the third is the bedrooms the kitchen occupies a central location.

Polis Residence Polis Residence is a four-storey residential building nestled in the Acropolis area, Nicosia. Due to its location, it enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the residential neighbourhood and Acropolis Park while maintaining access to the main commercial amenities of Armenias Street, such as schools, shops, and churches.
Nydia Mansions

Nydia Mansions is a residential complex in Agios Andreas, Nicosia. One of the more important elements of the project is the variation of heights throughout the overall section of the complex. The effect of these combinations enables the complex to express themes of change and diversity. These themes are reinforced by the unification of the three blocks with different characters (floor apartments/duplexes), by varying coverage and by the oppositional orientation of the individual residences. 

Academias The three buildings that make up the group of apartments called Academia are situated in a prime location near a developed parade of offices and shops behind the Nicosia Conference Center. The buildings are dynamically interlinked through their external shapes; their architectural parts combine in hierarchical harmony. The disposition of the building is an expression of its geometric mass. Its scale is maintained through the selection of materials and the arrangement of both warm and cool colours on the building facade, which demonstrates respect for the surrounding area.

Orama is made up of six residential units: An apartment with a yard on the ground floor, two apartments on each of the first and second floors and another apartment on the third floor. Αll apartments enjoy the view to the Pentadaktylos mountains. The main design principles include simple lines: vertical and horizontal elements diversified in such a way as to enable an understanding of the shell’s structure, and to ensure the privacy and unobstructed movement of the building’s tenants.

Nice Day Place

Nice Day Place is a three-storey complex in Engomi. There are two apartments each on the first and second floors, a four bedroom penthouse on the third floor, and a single apartment on the ground floor. The building is separated by an atrium to a height of three floors. The façade is oriented toward the west, so the apartments and the lobby are set back from the façade, in order to gain as much shade as possible.

Nice Day Residence Nice Day Residence is situated on Androcleous Street in the central business district of Nicosia . The seven-storey building comprises an underground parking area, a showroom occupying the ground floor and mezzanine, five floors with two apartments on each, and a penthouse duplex on the sixth and seventh floors.

The Oromare building complex, about 8 km from Larnaca, is situated between the community of Voroklini and the beach. The project comprises seven houses, each on its own plot. All the houses are on two floors and their arrangement has been planned to emphasise the individual character of each house. The Oromare complex has two green areas with children’s playgrounds, parking for visitors, and provisions have been made for a bicycle track.

Strovolos Center Strovolos Centre is a complex of office and retail spaces on the Municipality’s main commercial artery. The building has been designed for flexibility, in that the spa­ces can be partitioned whilst simultaneously providing maximum views to the west towards the Strovolos Municipal Building and the Pe­dieos River.
Agios Andreas

The Agios Andreas project is the result of a conscious effort towards an architecture designed specifically to the measure of man and the scale of place. The aim of the proposal is to formulate a new typology capable of meeting the needs of modern living. These needs are related both to the increased sense of security necessitated by modern society, and the diachronic feeling of privacy and introversion necessary for family life. 

Bleu This Protaras development is situated on a quiet bluff overlooking the Mediterranean. Bleu comprises eight individual three- and four-bedroom residences, and ten attached three bedroom residences with a private garden. The development derives its architectural expression from the indigenous architecture of the region but maintains a functional relationship between the indoor-outdoor spaces that reflects contemporary lifestyles. 
Nice Life Residence

Set behind the main commercial artery of October 28th Avenue, in Nicosia, Nice Life Residence was designed to shut out the noise and visuals of such a commercial street and to create an enclosed space where nature and serenity dominate. The complex of 24 apartments is organized in two main blocks of twelve apartments each, spread over three floors. With an accent on the communal gardens, the architecture celebrates a sophisticated interaction between the built environment and nature. 

Nice Lifestyle

The project is set on the border of the municipalities of Strovolos and Tseri. The topography of the site, a steady east-west incline, and the potential offered by its adjacency to a public park, led to the creation of a linear master-plan of eight in-line properties configured as stepped terraces. The buildings generate zones of varying degrees of proximity or openness that promote new modes of urban cohabitation. 

King Richard Development King Richard Development occupies a plot at the edge of the small village of Paramali. It consists of ten houses, each on its own plot of land and all oriented towards the Avdimou and Paramali coast. All houses are two-storey buildings with the living areas on the ground floor and the sleeping quarters on the upper floor. The houses were designed with flexibility of use in mind, and can be adapted to suit the needs of their owners. 
Nice Day Mansions

Nice Day Mansions, is located in Agios Dometios. The project brief required the creation of thirteen apartments in a four-storey building, with a garden apartment and twelve apartments on the three floors above. The lobby and vertical circulation system is located at the centre of the building, enabling the building to stretch along the east-west axis. This allows for the first-, second- and third-floor apartments facing the street to be set farther back from the street and creates greater privacy for the garden apartment.

Nice Land

All the apartments at Nice Land have large interior spaces. The design in general offers the user the quality and feel usually available in a house. This sense is further enhanced by the integration of the building in a quiet neighbourhood of Engomi, with a low building coefficient. One of the driving forces of the design process was the consideration of climatic conditions, to make the building as energy efficient as possible. 

Nice Day Look

Nice Day Look, in Ayios Dometios, Nicosia, comprises of three stories with one apartment on each floor. The design responds to all the contemporary requirements of urban residents. With the intention of allowing the project to gain an additional feature, the sculptured north-west wall was designed in a way that the sun’s light and the west wind are filtered on their way inside; while the images outside take on the aspect of theatrical stage scenery in the eyes of the residents.

Nice Day Choice Εach apartment of the building has the feeling and amenities of a home and provides the flexibility required by modern living. Site conditions, plot shape, orientation, and views had a big impact on the organization of the plans. The main entrance and the lobbies on each floor occupy a central location on the plan. This central access allows for easy access to the two flats on each floor, and for the seamless separation of the public and private internal areas. 
Ideal Life
Ideal Life is a six storey office building, The ground floor accommodates a spacious, double height, reception area and a waiting room, the main conference/library, two additional conference/meeting rooms, administrative offices and the common café with outdoor landscaped sitting areas. The terrace on the 5th floor is offering a gathering outdoor space.
Kivelis Homes Located in a prime resitential area of Nicosia.Prime residential area in walking distance from the Central Bank and the Headquarters of leading International companies.
The building is composed by three “layers”, each one of which is handled in a differentiated architectural approach. The first layer, at the ground floor level, with its fair-faced concrete surface, organizes an access to the building through exterior and interior spaces...
Ithakis Residence Located in one of the most prestigious residential area of Nicosia (Strovolos area) in close proximity to the city center. The building pledges to add a dynamic yet elegant architectural presence to an upscale part of Strovolos. The distinctive quality of this new residential building rests on the absence of repetitive typical floors. Each of the three levels takes advantage of the through street configuration of the site to create individually distinctive residences of two and three bedrooms.
Engomi Residence Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood of Nicosia (Engomi area), walking distance from the Embassies. The residence makes the best of its corner location by creating two separate volumes allowing the apartments privacy of view, with the advantage of Southern orientation for their sweeping verandas.
Elysian gardens

The housing complex utilizes the excellent seaside location of the site while creating in its interior a new focal point for its inhabitants. The housing units are situated near the boundaries of the plot, thus creating an open space for leisure and relaxation in the centre. The aim of the focal centre is to provide all its users with a communal space offering various amenities, all of which form a pleasant space, like a neighbourhood park. 

Nice Flow Nice Flow is centrally located in Nicosia, on Armenias Avenue ,with easy access to the highways. Its central location together with its easy access to the highways make it ideal base for commercial activities.  

Savoy Residences The plot’s particularity, morphology and the surrounding area was οf key importance for every design decision. While the elongated nature of the plot allows for a linear arrangement, the height differences and the aspect of privacy from the surrounding buildings were a major factor dictating the conditions..
Unique Alternating rhythm. Repeated vertical elements placed variously at the exterior of the building capture the spirit of modern everyday life that similarly moves at different speeds. These elements are a reference to the configuration of the interior spaces.
It's Nice
The building is situated on Arch. Leontiou street in Engomi, an area that is in close proximity with various facilities and services. Access to the block is direct through avenue junctions around that connect the main areas of greater Nicosia. The shopping district and historic center is in walking distance.

Nice One

The project is situated in a luxurious area of  Nicosia, Engomi and in close proximity to the University of Nicosia Campus and presents a set of nine, 1-bedroom apartments, aiming to satisfy contemporary living aspirations.

So Nice So Nice located in a prime residential area of Nicosia , Aglantzia with  easy access to the capital’s city centre, the highway and the University of Cyprus.
A contemporary building with modern apartments ideal for families and individuals who want to live in a quiet residential neighbourhood.
The Residence

The Residence is located in the quiet  exclusive residential area of Nicosia  in  Ayios Dometios. It is a building of two separate volumes, offering spacious one to four bedroom apartments...

Green Park Mansions A building located in in a quiet residential area of Makedonitissa ,  Nicosia,  offering   tenants uninterrupted views over a green belt covered with pine trees. Easy access to the highways and the City centre. Spacious verandas coupled with ergonomic interior design  suitable for both young couples and families.
An exclusive and private development comprising of  six apartments ideal for even the most discerning buyer.
Nice Day Developments
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