Pioneer Situated in a prime residential neighborhood of Nicosia in Engomi.The project utilizes the South and West orientations for all the apartments to enjoy views to the street,sunlight and wind,as well as establishing a coherent urban facade.
Nice Dream A mixed use development located in the central Business district  of Nicosia,  on Themistocles Dervis Avenue aspires to become a point of reference in the broader urban fabric of the capital.

The Interlace The Project consists of 9 apartments and is located in  a serene residential area in Nicosia  very close proximity to the city center  , the University  and the Embassy area. The site is fronted by two roads to the North and West, allowing all the apartments to have street facing verandas.
Skylight Mansions The incessant quest for new housing typologies that respond to the ever-changing social needs, the climatic conditions and the vital issue of energy has urged us to seek innovative living proposals. The Yeri project endeavours to explore a new housing typology, one that will eventually enrich housing options currently on hand. 
The project consists of 10 independent houses that manage to create the environment and ambience of a small neighborhood.
Smart Homes The Smart Homes residential development consists of 3 independent houses with "smart" design, which provides comfort, privacy and a pleasant Living environment.
The development is located on a plot that is part of a quiet residential neighborhood in the area of Lakatamia, with easy access both to the center of Nicosia and to the highways that lead outside the city.
Nice Day Homes

The development, in Engomi, Nicosia, comprises five separate residences, three of them accessible from a private road that runs through the complex. Each residence is two storeys high, while some of the homes have a basement and a swimming pool. Even though the square footage and design of each residence differs, the use of a common architectural language act as catalysts for a  complex with a unified character.

Nice Era Nice Era is a Residential building located in central Nicosia. Its   design has grown out of  specific  observations and mapping of city elements . The buildings form and structural elements are characterised through their materiality . 
Acropolis Gardens Το οικιστικό συγκρότημα «Acropol Gardens» θα ανεγερθεί στην Ακρόπολη, εκεί όπου λειτουργούσε το εμβληματικό «Σινεμά Ακροπόλ», σε μια έκταση πέραν των 6000τ.μ. και θα εκτείνεται σε σχεδόν ένα οικοδομικό τετράγωνο.

Τοποθετείται σε μια προνομιούχα περιοχή, η οποία συνδυάζει την ηρεμία της «γειτονιάς» με την άμεση εγγύτητα με κύριες λειτουργίες της πόλης, με άμεση πρόσβαση σε πάρκα, σχολεία, νοσοκομεία, υπεραγορές, εκκλησίες, φούρνους και άλλες εμπορικές αναπτύξεις. Η Λεωφόρος Μακαρίου βρίσκεται σε απόσταση περίπου 20 λεπτών με τα πόδια.
Nice Day Developments
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