Nice Flow

Nice Flow is centrally located in Nicosia and with in easy access to the highways thus making it ideal base for an office space.
The building consists of two stores located on the ground floor with large retail spaces and hanging mezzanines, and three floors specifically designed for office use. There are two basement levels for parking, with ample space for the occupants’ needs. 

Agias Sofias 1, Strovolos


The Project   Description

The building is comprised of two basements where the parking spaces are located, the ground floor with shops and/or offices and mezzanine, and three floors of offices. The external materials of the project are glass, fare-faced concrete and plaster.

Structural Specifications

Energy Performance 

The Buildings comply with the local Energy Performance regulation and have an  A’ rating certificate of energy performance and low CO2 emission.

The frame of the building will be of reinforced concrete and a number of steel columns.

The masonry will be constructed of bricks and three coats of plaster. The interior walls will be constructed of gypsum board. The exterior walls will be constructed of thermal insulating bricks and thermal insulating plaster (25mm thickness) will be applied on the internal and the external surface.

The thermal Insulation of the roof will be Dow Roofmate type with 5cm thickness. The slope layer will be of concrete C15/20 and minimum thickness of 5cm. The final layer is bituminous double membrane reinforced with polyester cloth, of 8mm thickness (4+4mm) with mineral chipping and paint.

Light concrete screed for ceramics and marble. Grated concrete and anti-dust sealer for raised floor.

Three coats of emulsion (Dulux or equal) and spatula on interior walls and ceilings. Three coats of emulsion for outdoor use on exterior walls. Emulsion for outdoor use and spatula on exterior ceilings. Lacquer paint will be applied on wood surfaces and Oil paint on the metal surfaces. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish)..

Interior doors of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Solid wood pivot doors (fire resistance 30 min.) for the entrance of the offices. The doors of the offices will be pivot type. The internal surface of wardrobes and bathroom benches will be of melamine and compressor painted.

Curtain Wall and Windows
Anodized aluminum windows (MU 4200 structural step thermal) with double glazing glasses (AGC Glass Europe – specifications in APPENDIX C1) for the three floors of offices.

For the ground floor and the mezzanine laminated glass (8mm-6mm) with low-e coating surface on the one surface.

Windows of dimensions 60x105cm will be tilt and turn type (MU43 thermal series).

Acoustic plates will be installed on offices ceilings.
Gypsum board will be installed on the ceilings of ground floor and mezzanine.

Steel Works
Metal railing for the stairwell and the terrace.
Glass railing for the verandas and the mezzanine.

Mechanical Works

For the three floors of offices will be installed complete air conditioning (cooling and heating), fresh air and ventilation system. The ACs will be VRV type (Daikin or Mitsubishi) COP>3,2 and in ceiling cassettes for each office.

Complete air conditioning system with VRV cassettes and wall mounted split units will be installed for the ground floor and mezzanine.

Totally will be installed ten VRV units: 3 with capacity of 40ΚW (14HP), 2 with capacity of 33.5KW (12HP), 3 with capacity of 28 ΚW (10HP) and 2 with capacity of 22.4KW (8HP).
Independent AC (cooling only) split units for the Server Rooms of each floor and mezzanine.

Ventilation system will be installed for the two basements.

Water supply with pressure system for all the offices and shops.

Connection to the Sewerage Board of Nicosia

An elevator (KONΕ or Mitsubishi) with capacity of 8 persons will be installed.

Electrical Works
The electrical works will be executed from Nice Day Developments Ltd. according to the rules and regulations of Electricity Authority of Cyprus (E.A.C.). There will be provision for 100 workstations and four electric sockets will be installed in each. Two of the four electric sockets in each workstation will be served by uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Electrical provisions for 20% more workstations.

A Central Generator will be installed. The Central Generator will be procured by the Client. The location of the Central Generator will be less than 10m away of the Electric Meters Room.

Supply and installation of all the lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures will be of high quality according to the Client selections.

The light level in the office spaces will be 550 lux and fluorescents will be used with high frequency ballast cat2. Emergency lighting will be installed anywhere is required.

Completed Structured Cabling System, Cat6 with double RJ45 sockets in each workstation, Cabling and finishing in a single rack included.

Completed installation of Fire Alarm system and lighting conductor according to the rules and regulations of Fire Service, of the Urban Planning Department or any other Authority and according to the recommended (by the client) layout.

Installation of completed system of video door phone, electric barriers and garage door for the basement.

Provision and piping for Security Alarm System, CCTV and access control system.

Plumbing Works
Water supply by pressure system (Pumps type Geundfoss or Wilo) for the offices of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. Gravity water supply system for the Groundfloor and mezzanine,.
Two underground cisterns with capacity of 2m3 and eight water tanks with capacity of 0.5m3 on the roof (total project water capacity of 8m3). High speed electric water heater will be installed below the cupboard of each kitchen.
Installation of polypropylene water pipes PP-R type, with thermal insulation in hot water 13mm armaflex AC nad HT (outer tube)).
PVC pipes for drainage of sewage and rainwater. Γρίλιες συλλογής όμβριων όπου απαιτείται (μπαλκόνια, οροφή κλπ.) οι οποίες καταλήγουν σε σύστημα φρεατίου/απορροφητικού λάκκου στο 2ο υπόγειο.
Rainwater pumping station of two pumps (Main and Secondary pump, of type Grundfos or Wilo) will be installed.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

Ground K1 420 0 7 RESERVED
Mezzanine 210 0 3 RESERVED
First 337 7 9 RESERVED
Second 337 7 9 RESERVED
Third 342 7 10 RESERVED
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