Skylight Mansions

The incessant quest for new housing typologies that respond to the ever-changing social needs, the climatic conditions and the vital issue of energy has urged us to seek innovative living proposals. The Skylight Mansions project endeavours to explore a new housing typology, one that will eventually enrich housing options currently on hand. 

The proposed project is situated in an upcoming area of Nicosia, within walking distance from Athalassa National park and in close proximity to the University of Cyprus, the General Hospital and the Mall of Cyprus while reaping the benefits of a nice open field area in the outskirts of Yeri.  The project consists of 9 independent houses, with each house claiming distinct individuality through the use of different materials.
Two main parameters have determined the design which carefully ‘sculpts’ spaces and structures: provision of substantial open space for outdoor activities, and maximum Southern exposure. This specific objective has prompted the introduction of a system of skylights that provide all spaces with controlled South light and cross ventilation.  The system also succeeds in offering covered and uncovered outdoor spaces across all levels, culminating to a sculpted ‘emancipated’ roof garden with unobstructed view.

Architect : Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects

Klepinis & Agiou Epiktidou 2201 Yeri


The building – Description
The housing complex is composed of 9 independent two-storey houses of different sizes and each one owns a land percentage.

Structural specifications

Frame: The frame of the building will be of reinforced concrete.

The masonry will be constructed of bricks and three coats of render. The exterior walls will be 300 mm thick of thermal insulated bricks and the internal walls of drywall system 125 mm thick. 

Energy performance 

Houses 2-3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will have an Energy Performance Class (E.P.C.) of A with low CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly. This is achieved via installation of photovoltaic system of 5KW on the roof of each house. Houses 1 and 5 have an energy performance Class of B+ and house 4 has an Energy Performance Class of B. 

Roofing – Waterproofing
Lightweight concrete or extruded polystyrene and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 4 mm on the roof. Lightweight concrete and insulation with tar paper sp thickness 3 mm on the verandas. Roofmate 5cm thick as a thermal insulation. 

Light concrete screed for ceramics and marble and concrete for carpets and parquet floors.

Three coats of emulsion on interior walls in general. Three coats of emulsion and spatula on interior ceilings.  Sandex paint and spatula on exterior ceilings.  Oil paint on the metal surfaces of railings. Oil paints in general will be applied in three coats (primer, undercoat and finish).

External works
General earthworks and concreting works for the shaping of exterior spaces. Low concrete walls on the ground floor at a height of 1m. Construction of public pavement at the entrance of the building.  

Water supply with pressure system consisting of pipes of a minimum 15mm diameter, hot water return pump, solar collectors with an electric immersion heater, sewage /drainage and drainage gutters on the terrace for rainwater. Water tanks of 2 tons capacity per house and hot water supply system with the use of the 2 solar collectors (1X2m) and the electric element.   

Mechanical works
Water underfloor heating system with electric heat pump of high energy class. Supply and Installation of air-conditioning units (split units) on the bedrooms and concealed fan coils on the dining/living room. Mechanical ventilation for interior lavatories/bathroom.

Electrical works
Photovoltaic system of 5KW on the roof for renewable source of energy. In general electrical parts of European manufacture.  At least 25 free plug sockets for the three bedroom apartment, 6 telephone outlets and 6 television outlets. In the kitchen all fitted appliances will be wired inside the walls by a fused spare unit and will include points for oven, microwave, kitchen hob, washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator and extractor fan. One videophone intercom per level. 

Metal works
Aluminium windows and double glazing doors of the architect’s approval. Aluminium blinds of external use for the bedroom windows. Metal railing on the verandas. 
Wood works
Internal doors, wardrobes and bathroom benches with laminated boards. Kitchen benches and wall units with MDF lacquered finish.

The information in pdf format is a printer friendly file containing a brief description of the building, the plans to scale, the areas, the location map and the specifications. This file can be printed on A4 paper. For more detailed information please contact Nice Day Developments and request the brochure. VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT

K1 540 204 12 215 4 2 SOLD
K2,3 713 249 20 370 4 2 AVAILABLE
K4 376 175 21 196 4 2 SOLD
K5 410 204 15 155 4 2 SOLD
K6 409 186 14 178 4 2 SOLD
K7 411 200 15 183 4 2 AVAILABLE
K8 410 210 16 159 4 2 SOLD
K9 408 186 9 187 4 2 AVAILABLE
K10 408 200 16 158 4 2 SOLD
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