Nice Lifestyle

The project, on the border of the municipalities of Strovolos and Tseri, presents a new type of suburban housing environment which aims at satisfying contemporary living aspirations while challenging conventional typologies. The topography of the site, a steady east-west incline, and the potential offered by its adjacency to a public park, led to the creation of a linear master-plan of eight in-line properties configured as stepped terraces. The buildings generate zones of varying degrees of proximity or openness that promote new modes of urban cohabitation. The first floor patio acts as a pivotal device, allowing for a switch between an introverted mode and an extroverted one, while carefully crafted sets of openings and screening devices offer various modes for regulating the environment of the residences and their relationship with neighbouring homes. The formal language, in tandem with the ‘ladder frame’ type structural system, allows for a specific flexibility in reconfiguring the interior, offering the possibility of adjusting to needs that arise during both the design phase and the lifespan of the building.

36-50 Polyniki, Strovolos

Nice Day Developments
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