King is located in the Ayios Andreas area, in Nicosia, and is surrounded by three roads, Metochiou being the commercial strip, and Amalias and Aetolon the residential roads. Since the plot is situated in two different planning zones, commercial and residential, the aim of the project was to create a commercial block of five shops, a residential tower of six floors with one flat per floor, and a third block of three floors containing two duplexes and a penthouse flat.

The buildings were distinctly divided into three separate volumes. The self-contained shopping block faces a commercial avenue, with a rear solid wall defining a precise boundary between the public and private realms. The two residential blocks are entered through a common lobby that divides the two buildings and acts as a bridge to the penthouse over the two townhouses. Planning restrictions dictated the divisions, and aesthetic guidelines required the townhouse block to reflect the traditional typology of the area.

20 Vasilissis Amalias, Nicosia

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