Victory Tower

Victory Tower is an office building with showrooms at the junction of Kyriakos Matsis Avenue and Spyros Lambrou Street in Nicosia. It consists of an underground parking area, a showroom on the ground floor, and a mezzanine and five floors.

Churchill once said that we may shape buildings, but in time it is they that shape us. The same can be said of a town, and Victory Tower gives this challenge concrete form, recalling the history of Nicosia. Its two five-storey towers, like battlements, overlook two directions: one Kyriakos Matsis Avenue, the other Spyros Lambrou Street, giving the building a polemical aspect (albeit a defensive one). The corner that is formed between them is closed off by a light and airy construction of metal and glass that contrasts with the weight of the stone of the towers. The entrance to the ground floor show room is situated in correlation to the point where the gates of the old town are to be found between the walls. The tower overlooking Kyriakos Matsis Avenue has an additional indentation where the entrance lobby, leading to the offices, is placed.

The building aims to counterbalance  —  insofar as it is able to influence at all the aspect of the town  —  the negative image that a man in the street comes up against on the Green Line, with its buildings in a state of semi-ruined decay. Victory Tower’s large openings and cracks, like traces left by warfare, are subordinated to an overall synthesis expressing dimensions of stability, solidarity and forbearance.

18 Kyriakou Matsi, Nicosia

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