Athalassa Heights

Residential architecture often draws its inspiration from the natural environment. Athalassa Heights, near the University of Cyprus and only a few minutes from Athalassa Park in Nicosia, is situated on a plot bounded by government land. The site has a commanding view that takes in the Pentadactylos Mountains to the north and Athalassa Park to the south. The natural curves of the plot, all of equal height, gradually rise 15 metres above the public road, creating an area that evokes an amphitheatre.

The complex, six separate two-storey residences of various sizes built on large plots, unfolds between a private entrance road and a common green area. Beneath the common area, each residence has a covered parking space for two cars and a large storage room. The ground floor of each building communicates with the courtyard while looking toward the northeast. The entrance, living room, dining room, auxiliary living room, kitchen and spare guest toilet occupy the ground floor; three spacious bedrooms with a common bathroom and a fourth bedroom, with its own bathroom and wardrobe, occu­py the first floor.

41-51 Kastellorizou,Aglantzia

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