Nice Day House

The six-storey Nice Day House is situated on Yiannos Kranidiotis Street, a commercial strip and home to a number of central functional buildings in Nicosia. The project includes two floors of underground parking and a central entrance on the ground floor. The ground floor and the mezzanine are reserved for retail, with the remainder of the building devoted to office space.

Nice Day House is a “straightforward” building with two parallel side walls rising to its maximum height – a series of light, flat tiers undulate between the walls, like waves, creating a sense of motion. The first and fifth storeys are set back from the facade, separating the building into a base, a trunk, and a crown. The building recalls the classical tradition while expressing a modern, contemporary aesthetic. The angle of the crown opposes the trunk of the building, endowing the composition with dynamic movement. 

Only three materials were used in the construction of the exterior of Nice Day House: cement in its original form, clear green glass, and aluminum in its original color, all of which strengthen the building’s natural and unaffected architectural expression.

10 Yiannou Kranidioti, Nicosia

Nice Day Developments
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