Metropolis Tower

Rising four storeys above Severis Avenue in Nicosia, Metropolis Tower is an office complex with a basement and ground-level shops. The project brief required the offices to be constructed as two separate towers, identical in form and function. The vertical glazed screen of the atrium, which contains two separate lobbies, unites the two towers. The towers rest on a horizontal plinth of shops, defined by a wooden fascia which wraps around the entire building and accentuates its horizontality. The two towers are square in plan with no divisions; this allows an equal distribution of natural light and ventilation throughout all of the offices. The western facade is covered with vertical louvres which act as a curtain, providing shade and privacy to the offices behind it. As the louvres are operated mechanically, the towers change appearance according to the position of the louvres.

25 & 27 Demostheni Severi, Nicosia

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