Acropolis is a four-storey apartment building at the junction of Hippocrates and 1st April in Acropolis, Nicosia. Two small apartments occupy the ground floor and share a common garden. The floor plans for the apartments delineate three functional areas in each apartment which can also be distinguished by the building’s different masses. The first functional area is the entrance and the guest bathroom, the second the living rooms and dining room, and the third is the bedrooms — the kitchen occupies a central location.

The corner verandas, comprising sliding glass partitions, are the building’s dominant structural element and create projections that unite the interior and exterior spaces, resulting in unimpeded views. The angle of the intersection of the verandas divides the orientation of the building equally between Hippocrates and 1st April streets. The veranda extensions, which serve as bridge-corridors, one toward the kitchen, one toward the guest bathroom, link the living areas. Acropolis radiates an extroverted mood, while simultaneously enabling the building’s surroundings to permeate the everyday life of its residents.

19A Ippsocratous, Strovolos

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