Matossian Tower

A large scale construction, whose modern design infuses it with energy, Matossian Tower is situated on Limassol Avenue near the approach to Nicosia. It is built on an incline close to the wooded area at the Pedagogical Academy.

The commercial space, with its shops, is situated on the ground floor, while the six-storey towers contain office space with a total area of 6000 square metres. The bulk of the towers is visually lightened by means of their abstract design and by the combination of materials used in the facade, with glass sheets and ceramic mosaic in various colours creating a fascinating interplay between colour and shape.

The initial impression also takes in the element of the highly elevated open area on the first floor, which provides an impressive view above the greenery toward the Pentadactylos mountains; here, three perpendicular blocks are connected by communicating horizontal passageways.

11 kafkasou, Aglantzia

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