The office Seroff & Papadopoulos was awarded the contract for Prince through a closed competition in 1993. It is situated in the Ayios Andreas area, Nicosia.The building comprises six floors with one apartment on each floor. The concept behind the project was that privacy has become an urban luxury, so the aim of the design was to maximize the sense of private space. Thus, the orientation of the building becomes of crucial importance. The main living area is rotated to the west, away from the main street, leaving the east and north elevations for services. The bedrooms, main staircase, atrium and kitchen all wrap around the living room and veranda, leaving these two areas free.

Various levels of privacy were created using different methods of screening. 1. A bronze metal mesh screen shades the living / dining area. 2. Horizontal timber slats create screens for the bedrooms. 3. A six floor atrium filters light, ventilates and frames views of the surrounding trees on each floor. All flats share the same design with the exception of the ground floor flat which uses most of the ground area as a gar­den/pool space. The penthouse has direct access to the roof garden through an internal staircase. The building won the state architecture award for a residential building in 1998.

24 Achaeon, Nicosia

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