Four Hill Residences

Four Hill Residences is situated atop a hill with an unobstructed view of the Pentadactylos Mountains in a residential neighborhood of Makedonitissa, Nicosia. The street side of the project is contained and closed — an opaque screen defines the entrance and shields the lobby atrium. The complex opens like a fan toward the view, its back turned to the street. There are four apartments in the building, two on the ground floor, one on the first floor, and one on the second. The bedrooms in each apartment form a cluster separate from the living space, which frees the living space and leaves it completely open. The verandas wrap the space, creating a continuous glass wall towards the view.

The two ground floor apartments are more contained, with suspended verandas towards the view and sunken bedroom gardens. By slightly sinking the building into the slope of the hillside, the ground floor apartments enjoy greater privacy. This in turn means the parking areas open below ground level and are invisible at street level.

16 Parthenonos, Engomi

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