Agios Andreas

The Agios Andreas project is the result of a conscious effort towards an architecture designed specifically to the measure of man and the scale of place: of man as a cultural personality and of place as a specific spatial element. The goal was the confirmation of a modern measure and traditional scale through a reinterpretation of constants that have withstood the test of time. These constants have to do with the contrasts between private and public, exterior and interior, open and closed, covered and uncovered. The dialectic of intermediate spaces has been juxtaposed to these physical and social spatial contrasts, so the kinaesthetic experience functions within the logic of a smooth transition.

The aim of the proposal is to formulate a new typology capable of meeting the needs of modern living. These needs are related both to the increased sense of security necessitated by modern society, and the diachronic feeling of privacy and introversion necessary for family life. The architectural tools needed to meet the above requirements are the facade wall on the one hand and the arrangement of the residences around a central yard on the other. Supplementary instruments include the internal end-to-end openness of the ground floor spaces and the extensive green areas that associate the function of habitation with the sensation of an oasis.

44-52 Eleftheriou Venizelou, Nicosia

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