Polis Residence

Polis Residence is a four-storey residential building nestled in the Acropolis area, Nicosia. Due to its location, it enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the residential neighbourhood and Acropolis Park while maintaining access to the main commercial amenities of Armenias Street, such as schools, shops, and churches.

Various challenges were encountered in the process of meeting the project requirements for the two- and three-bedroom apartments, including an irregular plot and a narrow street front. The aim was to create a continuous dialogue with the surrounding area without compromising the occupants’ privacy. The building is raised on pilotis, which extend the outdoor world into the building while also providing coverage for parking and storage areas. The vertical circulation, located at the core of the building, rises from the entrance like a sculptural element, simultaneously separating the building into two distinct volumes and uniting it into a whole. Along the perimeter, an outer layer of solid planar surfaces shelter the architecture and the inhabitants by folding above and around the interior spaces.

20 Protagorou, Strovolos

Nice Day Developments
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