Nice Land

Functional design and the appropriate aesthetics are only the beginning for architecture. The right handling of all movements, which in their totality comprise a building, transcends the rational breakdown into its component parts and results in a building that resonates with our beliefs, our dreams, and our memories.

All the apartments at Nice Land have large interior spaces. The design in general offers the user the quality and feel usually available in a house. This sense is further enhanced by the integration of the building in a quiet neighbourhood of Engomi, with a low building coefficient. One of the driving forces of the design process was the consideration of climatic conditions, to make the building as energy efficient as possible. The austere spaces exude a sense of calm and stability. Architecture in this instance accepts its inherent responsibility to provide contemporary man — surrounded by tension and constant contradictions — a place to relax.

Omirou 8, 2407 Nicosia

Nice Day Developments
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