Nice Life Residence

Set behind the main commercial artery of October 28th Avenue, in Nicosia, Nice Life Residence was designed to shut out the noise and visuals of such a commercial street and to create an enclosed space where nature and serenity dominate. The complex of 24 apartments is organized in two main blocks of twelve apartments each, spread over three floors. Two vertical circulation cores of open air staircases and panoramic lifts situated between the two buildings act as bridges, linking and distributing the different levels and apartments. With an accent on the communal gardens, the architecture celebrates a sophisticated interaction between “the built environment” and “nature”. The large plot provided an opportunity to create generous green spaces that surround and penetrate the complex, contributing to the quality of life of the residents. Externally, an architectural ribbon folds and wraps around the building, playfully organizing the two main blocks and bringing a sense of unity to the different types of apartments. The ribbon also divides the building, creating smaller zones within the four façades.

Eleftheriou Venizelou, Engomi

Nice Day Developments
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