Kivelis Homes

The residential development is located at Kyvelis Street in Nicosia. The building is composed by three “layers”, each one of which is handled in a differentiated architectural approach. The first layer, at the ground floor level, with its fair-faced concrete surface, organizes an access to the building through exterior and interior spaces.
The edifice’s central zone, with its white surface, its projections towards the public road and the recesses of the verandas, is dynamic while maintaining its consistency. The last floor differentiates itself from the other two and completes this composition as the top "layer".

The project consists of five residential units; one four-bedroom apartment on the first floor and two of two-bedroom apartments on the second floor, a full-floor apartment with four bedrooms on the third floor and a two-bedroom full-floor apartment on the fourth floor. The development takes advantage of the height difference of the plot on the street’s side, creating a semi-basement parking space, which completes the parking space on the ground floor’s pilotis.

Kyvelis street, Agious Omologites,Nicosia
Nice Day Developments
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