Nice Day Look

The solution to Nice Day Look lies within the coordinates of modern architecture, with an understated, open shape. The construction allows it to express its genuine aesthetic, while at the same time responding to all the contemporary requirements of urban residents. Taking the need for the building to be protected against the seven-month, hot, west-facing sun and the increased desire for security and privacy as its criteria, the design groups the auxiliary areas for the air-conditioning, elevators and anterooms in a way that enriches the sculptural, plastic quality of the building’s shape, that ensconces the entrance into a square pre-determined by planning, and that makes the residents’ everyday up-and-down trips a pleasurable experience. With the intention of allowing the project to gain an additional feature, one specially endowing the three one-floor apartments with their own individual character, the sculptured north-west wall was designed in a way that the sun’s light and the west wind are filtered on their way inside; while the images outside take on the aspect of theatrical stage scenery in the eyes of the residents.

Tirimou 5, Αgios Andreas

Nice Day Developments
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