Nice Day Mansions

Nice Day Mansions is located in a residential area of Agios Dometios. The site has a narrow street frontage; it is long and deep and surrounded by Cypress trees. The project brief required the creation of thirteen apartments in a four-storey building, with a garden apartment and twelve apartments on the three floors above. Parking is under the pilotis, at the rear of the site, giving the garden apartment its own separate access and shielding it from vehicles and from the public access to the upper floors. The lobby and vertical circulation system is located at the centre of the building and open to the sky, enabling the building to stretch along the east-west axis and admitting light and air into the building. This also allows for the first-, second- and third-floor apartments facing the street to be set farther back from the street and creates greater privacy for the garden apartment.

Filippou str. 12, Agios Dometios

Nice Day Developments
+357 22 761795