Plateia is a complex of three residential buildings with twenty­­­three apartments loca­ted in the Plati area, Aglan­tzia. The site is at the edge of a plateau overlooking the Mesa­oria Plain. The view was crucial in defining the layout of the three blocks as it was considered important for as many flats as possible to have a view and not overlook each other. The buildings fa­cing the street act as a gate to the complex, which encloses an open square used as a garden with views to the Mesaoria Plain

Access to each building occurs through this square. The buildings are raised on pilotis to provide for parking areas. These are screened from view with horizontal slats, giving the impression the buildings rest on the ground and form a kind of wall, shielding the complex from the street. The fa­cades of the flats resemble sheer city walls with holes but no projections, with the block masses defining the external space. 

Rigainis 39, Aglantzia

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