Residential Building

The particular design of this residential block is located just of one of the central feeds into the city of Nicosia, within the dense urban fabric which now describes the area.
The design itself has grown out the specific observation and mapping of existing elements within the city. Form and structural elements are informed through their materiality. The combination of these provides the result with a legible language. The structural skeleton itself remains exposed. Something of an exoskeleton. Its description is then filled with a series of glazed and solid panels and with louvered systems that almost seem to be shifting across the different levels of the whole.
This not only provides a rich visual tapestry but also renders the entirety of it light and intriguing. There is cohesion, there are recognisable pieces to the puzzle but the way they are placed together and apart allows for the exposed grid to enjoy an underlying freedom of movement in the volumes that are formed behind it.   

Architect: Eraclis Papachristou Architects

Nice Day Developments
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